How to Convert PDF to an Editable Word Document [Windows]

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PDFHEAD This 2.2 MB file sure packs a wallop!

Have you ever had a PDF file that you needed to convert to an editable Word document? Your boss is yelling at you to copy and paste 500 pages from a PDF into a Word document and you are scared that you will have to type this whole document out – fear not MakeUseOf readers, we have a solution for you!

How about copying a block of text or a chart from a PDF to Word or another text editor?

I can assure you that it has been literally torture over the years. There have been a few costly programs that did what I wanted – but even then, it was not done well. I’ve searched for a lot of different programs that would let me convert PDF to an editable Word document in the past, read an older review here.

Now, a free product comes moseying along and does the deed AND WELL!

Let’s take a look at AnyBizSoft’s PDF to Word Converter.

convert pdf to editable word document

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You need to download the application and submit your email address to get a free registration code.

Without registering, the program will only convert 3 pages. So I gave in and gave them my address. I got an email back quickly with my registration code. Next, you will hit the Register button in the upper right-hand corner next to Help. Put in your email address and serial key. It will thank you for registering and then we can start converting!

Hit the Add PDF button in the middle of the window and point the program towards your PDF file that you want to convert to Microsoft Word. On the bottom of the window are your output settings. I set mine to a custom location but you can also have it save in the same folder as the source by checking the top box.


Once you select your PDF, all you have to do is hit the big blue Convert button. That will start your PDF processing. It took about 45 seconds to convert a 5-page PDF that was made up of shaded columns.


The program told me it was complete. I hit OK and the Microsoft Word document loaded.


The document was so on the money it was scary. Because of some graphics overlapped with lines, there was initially a spacing issue. That was easily corrected – because EVERYTHING WAS EDITABLE!
convert pdf to editable word file

Wow, this is simply awesome!

Do you have a favorite tool that you use for conversions like this? If so please share it with us in the comments!

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