Convert, Rip and Download With SuperEasy Video Converter 2 [Rewards]

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Video remains the dominant form of media on computers, tablets and smartphones and is becoming more popular with every passing day. The proliferation of high-resolution displays has made video enjoyable on numerous PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Yet video also remains problematic. Different devices work best with different formats and resolutions, making conversions a necessity. SuperEasy Video Converter 2 is one of many solutions developed to tackle conversions head-on. As the name suggests, the software has been developed with ease-of-use as a priority. Let’s see if it’s really SuperEasy.

The Main Menu

When you open SuperEasy Video Converter 2 you’ll be greeted by a graphical interface. Unlike many alternatives, this software relies primarily on icons for navigation. Do you want to convert video for an iPod or iPhone? That’s found under the iPod icon. Want to convert for an HDTV? That’s found under the television icon. And so on.

Once your cursor hovers over an icon more selections will appear. The list of supported formats is too long to list here but rest assured all the major ones are included. Everything from .AVI to Flash to DivX is a part of the interface. This actually highlights a downside of the interface for power users because there’s no way to find a specific format by name. You’ll have to browse the icons instead.

Converting Video

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After selecting the format you want to convert, you will be taken to a selection screen. At the top you’ll see the Add File button, which opens a file browser that can be used to find the video you want to convert. Quick-settings for quality and length can be handled in the interface on the right.

This is also where you’ll find the Advanced Settings menu. Opening it will let you change video resolution and frame rate, bitrate for both video and audio, the number of audio channels, and a few other options. Most of these settings let you fine-tune quality versus file size. A high frame rate is preferable, but reducing it can make a file smaller.

Once the video is selected and options set, just click the start button. After a few minutes the program will produce a converted video.

Ripping DVDs

Besides the Add File button you’ll find the option to open and rip a DVD. This feature is basic. Just click the button, find your computer’s DVD drive in the file browser and then open it. You can then rip the DVD to your chosen format.

There’s a problem, however. Copy protection. SuperEasy Video Convert does nothing to break it, which means the program can’t rip most modern retail DVDs. You’ll have to turn to dedicated DVD ripping and decryption programs for that.

Downloading Files

One nice extra feature not touted by SuperEasy on its website is the ability to download files from popular streaming sites like YouTube. The company’s site says it can convert video, but the download feature isn’t mentioned.

You can grab an online video by clicking the Download button. In the menu that appears, enter the video’s URL and set a download location on your hard drive. You can also decide if you’d like to download a high-quality or low-quality file. And that’s it. Just click the green Download button in the lower left and you’re done.

Downloading a file doesn’t automatically convert it. To do that, you’ll need to go back to the main conversion menu and click Add File. Then find the newly downloaded video.

Download The Trial!

SuperEasy Video Converter 2 lives up to its name. It is easy and it converts video. There are free options with similar features, but none of them are as simple to use as SuperEasy. And the ability to download videos from popular sites is a nice bonus that may be worth the price of admission for some users.

And what is the price of admission? A cool $11.93 for one license. That’s not much, and it can be even less for our loyal readers. If you’re still on the fence, check out the company’s website and download SuperEasy’s free trial.

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