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Convert bookmarklet to Chrome extension is a pretty self-explanatory name. Yes, the tool helps you convert a bookmarklet to an extension for Chrome is a simple drag and drop way. Well, that’s a part of the process. You do need to follow some steps which involve extracting the extension file and then loading it on Chrome through the Developer mode in Extension Settings. But it’s all very easy and neatly explained step-wise on the homepage of the tool.

convert bookmarklet to chrome extension

The tool was created by Peter Legierski when he found that the existing methods of converting bookmarklets to extensions did not yield the desired result. If you frequently use a lot of bookmarklets then you might consider going this route and reduce some bookmarklet clutter on your Chrome toolbar.


Check out Convert Bookmarklet to Chrome

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  1. Achraf52
    April 29, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    Nice service but you have just put those bookmarklets in a separate folder then go to it whenever you want to do something .