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In different parts of the world, different systems of measurement are used. Typically the SI system is used in the USA and the metric system is used in Europe. People worldwide make conversions between these units almost daily, for example converting a length measured in inches into centimeters. A site that lets you easily perform these conversions is Conversion Tool.

convert between different units

Conversion Tool is a wonderful free to use website that does exactly what its name suggests: it performs unit conversions. Three types of measurements are supported: length, temperature, and weight.

Length units include inches, feet, meters, miles, centimeters, and kilometers; temperature units include Fahrenheit and Celsius; weight units include grams, kilograms, milligrams, ounces, pounds, and stone. You select a measurement from the virtual dial and then select your “˜to’ and “˜from’ units. These units can belong to different measurement systems or the same; this gives you the most conversion options. With your units selected, type in any quantity in either text box – left or right – and the other one will automatically get updated with the corresponding value.


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