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Converting a massive amount of pictures takes a lot of time if done manually. It usually requires you to know keyboard shortcuts, browsing through the file explorer, and fiddling with the image tool to get the pictures right. But during the process, it tends to slow you down especially if you are working with thousands of files.

batch rename and resize images

One app that lets you save time doing this is Converseen. This app enables you to convert or resize pictures in one go. Once you load the image files to the app, you can browse through your files from the preview pane, then choose to rename, resize, or convert the images you select.

The resize feature lets you set the percentage or the exact pixels to modify the photo. You can also choose to maintain aspect ratio if you want your images to have the same proportion as you resize them.

Batch renaming is just as easy to use. Just click on the image files that you want to rename within the file manager. Real-time previews help users see what the image will look like first before going ahead with the resize or conversion.

If you find most of your image file is too large to upload, you can choose a balance between quality and compression level. This is ideal for those who publish images or need illustrations for blogs.


What’s great about Converseen is its simple interface. It just works. The buttons within the app guides you through the mass-resize and batch-rename without much fuss.

Converseen is available for Windows and Linux users. This app is ideal for those working with several images, whether you are designing a website gallery, uploading your photo album to Facebook, or organizing your pictures on your computer.


  • Mass convert and batch rename images.
  • Convers images to EXR, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, and more.
  • Open or add multiple images then click to convert.
  • Image preview available.
  • Can also compress images for your webpage
  • Available for Windows and Linux

Check out Converseen @

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  1. Tom
    March 15, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    If you use photoshop it has a built in batch converter. Also the Adobe Bridge comes with similar tools

  2. JimW
    January 7, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    MalwareBytes Pro doesn't like the converseen site. What's up?