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The job market is not great at the moment. Everyone is looking for jobs, but there are not many jobs to be had. If you are in IT, than Contracts For Geeks is there to help you find a job in your field. They use the Indeed API to get rid of all the junk jobs and help you find a good IT job, without having to scan through all the garbage. It’s a great service for anyone looking to make a change in their IT career.

find an it job

As of this writing there are over 8,000 jobs listed on Contracts For Geeks, so it very possible that there is a recruiter on there who can help you. You can view recruiters all around the country and you can choose to narrow it down by city and state, so you can find the ones closest to you.

They will give you names, websites, phone numbers and any information that you will need to get in contact with them. Just in my small corner of Connecticut, there are 17 recruiters available, so if I was looking for an IT job, there is a good chance I would be able to find one.



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  1. edward deaver
    May 28, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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