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When you work in a team, especially a big one, it is quite a hassle to keep everyone’s contacts up-to-date. Check out ContactZilla. It is a contact management app that lets you keep everyone’s contact details up-to-date and synced automatically across different devices – PCs, smartphones and tablets. And unlike other popular offerings like Gist or Capsule, ContactZilla is free.

access address book

Simply sign up on their website and start adding contacts manually to your list. Or you can import your existing contact list from a CSV file or from your social networks including Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and others. Once your contacts are imported, ContactZilla automatially cross-references, merges and categorizes them and adds their respective avatars (if available) from sources like Twitter and Google.


You and your team members probably access and edit contact details from different devices – PCs, smartphones, tablets. ContactZilla syncs the address book changes automatically across these devices. At the moment is supports only iOS native address book and other CardDAV compatible applications. Once you set up syncing from your iOS device, whenever there is a change in your contacts, your address book will automatically sync these changes and be accessible to others.


  • Easy contact management.
  • Shared online address book.
  • Free to use.
  • Built for teams to have up-to-date address book information.
  • Syncs across iOS devices.
  • Syncs with CardDAV compatible devices.
  • Import contacts from CSV, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Plaxo, Twitter and Yahoo.
  • Add and sort contacts by labels.
  • Merge contacts.
  • Create multiple address books per account.
  • Copy contacts between address books.
  • Related tools – Addappt, eGroovy Contacts, AddressBookOne.

Check out ContactZilla @

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