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Customer relations management is an integral component to the success of any business. That is why big companies invest a lot of money in their CRM. Smaller businesses meanwhile have it hard since they usually do not have the resources to employ a comprehensive CRM.

crm for small business

ContactMe is a web service and CRM solution for small businesses that can help manage clients and track pertinent tasks. With it you can consolidate contacts, organize people, track tasks, create a ContactMe button for webpages, access contact information from your smartphone, and integrate your contact list with other popular services such as email marketing systems.

With ContactMe, you can also create a database of your contacts and make them accessible depending on your business needs. Keep tabs on your clients by posting notes or by forwarding emails to “” where it will be stored under the corresponding client. You may also create a ContactMe button for your website and webpages to acquire new sales leads. Track tasks as well as calendars, review analytical reports about your website, and access client data on-the-go using your iPhone.

ContactMe offers free and paid versions, with a free Biz Pro trial for 14 days. This tool is ideal for anyone who needs a quick CRM system integrated in their blog/website.


  • Simple and affordable CRM solutions for small businesses.
  • Consolidate and manage your client details in an organized place.
  • Keep track of your clients.
  • Manage tasks and calendars for clients.
  • Create analytics reports.
  • iPhone support.
  • Create web page buttons and forms.
  • Integrates with Facebook, Constant Contact, WordPress, wibiya, and MailChimp.
  • Choose among three types of accounts: Free, Form Plus, and Biz Pro.
  • Similar Tools: Bloove, Keepm, and Gist.

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