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Imagine having a business contact who you wanted to give your contact details to: your phone number, email, and links to your social networking accounts. Memorizing all that and writing it down to give to the contact will definitely be difficult. This problem is effectively solved by a new web service called ConnectMe.

send contact details

ConnectMe is a free to use web service that lets you easily deliver your contact information to different platforms. You sign into the service using your Facebook account. Next you fill out your details such as name, company, your title at the company, your title’s description, your phone number, and links to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. You can skip any fields that do not apply to you.

With your ConnectMe contact card created, you are provided with a number. Save this number or memorize it – you will need it to give your contact information through ConnectMe. Sending a text message to this number with your business contact’s phone number, email address, or Twitter username will send them all of your contact information.

In this simple way you are able to provide your contact info to anybody by having just their phone number, email, or Twitter username.



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  1. Jutta Petrash
    March 21, 2017 at 10:10 pm