Connected Mind: Draw Mind Maps In Chrome & Save Online

If you are looking for a web app that helps you create mind-maps, you will find plenty of options to choose from. But why go for a web app when you can create mind maps through Connected Mind – a browser app that is much more responsive.

connected mind   Connected Mind: Draw Mind Maps In Chrome & Save Online

Connected Mind is a browser app that comes as an extension for Google Chrome. Once you install the app from Chrome’s Web Store you can run the app from the new tab page. The maps you create within Connected Mind are stored online; to do and reopen saved maps you will first need to sign in using your Gmail ID.

While creating the map you have complete control over the layout, choice to add online references to your map nodes, use anyone of the 60 available fonts, and choose from one of 35 available map shapes. In case you are a Freemind user, you can import your pre-created maps into Connected Mind.


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