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While there are advanced designing tools available online, when quickly noting down a design idea, a pen and paper work best. While drawing your idea on a page, it might span multiple pages. To share share your sketches with others online, check out a website called Connect a Sketch.

share your sketches

Connect a Sketch is a web service currently in beta and free to use. It lets you upload JPG and PNG image files and then form connections between them. You can connect other images to a particular area of an image and multiple connections can be made to a single image. When you share the project’s public URL with others, they will be able to view the starting image and then browse over to other images according to where they click.

Obviously this site can greatly help web developers and graphic designers quickly share their ideas by scanning and uploading their sketches and connecting them with other uploaded sketches. Moreover, since the site supports any JPG/PNG image, you can use your personal digital photographs to create simple and interactive online photo albums.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you upload your design sketches and other images.
  • Lets you form connections between images.
  • You can make multiple connection.
  • Connections are made to particular area on an image.
  • Projects can be shared via a public URL.
  • Lets you quickly share your design ideas that you have sketched on paper.

Check out Connectasketch @ (By Umar from TechCityInc)


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