Healthline : A+ Medical Search Engine

   Healthline : A+ Medical Search Engine Need an instant medical advice? Healthline is the fastest way to get it. It’s a medical search engine and a very good one combining collective knowledge of over 1,100 doctors with advanced search technology. Once you are on the Healthline it is highly probable that one relevant search will be enough to locate information you need contrary to the traditional engines which don’t seem to work well for this purpose. Healthline can identify regular language non-medical words and connect them with either relevant or equivalent medical terms. In other words, searching for “brittle bone disease” will also return results for “Osteogenesis Imperfecta” its medical equivalent. What I like most about it is the way it lets you refine search results, for instance when I search for diarrhea, in addition to my search results I am provided with following filtering options

   Healthline : A+ Medical Search Engine


  • ‘healthmaps’ – provides complete visual info map on diarrhea, such as causes, risks, tretament and etc.
  • ‘broaden search’ – lets you broaden your search
  • ‘narrow search’ – lets you find specific info on diarrhea (ex; only causes of diarrhea)

Another useful feature is Health Channels, which serve as one-stop resource for top articles, news, healthmaps and some other info related to a particular term. To get an idea check out health channel for heart disease here.

There is no need to register to use healthline, however if you become a member you will be able to (1)tag and save your search results and (2)write reviews of articles and rate other reviews. If you are using Firefox you can also search on Healthline right from your browser by installing this Firefox plugin

   Healthline : A+ Medical Search Engine

Overall, it’s a good service and definitely worth a bookmark.

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