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ConflictHistory is an interesting mashup that combines a timeline of world wars with their geographical location and presents this data on Google Maps. The timeline starts from 3000 BC and covers all conflicts up to the 2005. You would be surprised to see the amount of conflicts the world has had just in the last decade.

map of world conflicts

You can view data for any period by simply adjusting a slidebar timeline that runs along the bottom of the map. The conflicts are marked with red markers and also listed in the map sidebar.

The downside to this site is that it only maps location and dates, it would have been nice if related information about conflicts was also available. You can also read related Wikipedia article  for each conflict by clicking (i) marker.


  • Shows world conflicts and their locations on a map.
  • Covers all wars that happened between 3000 BC – 2005.
  • Adjust a sidebar timeline to view the conflicts of particular period.
  • What’s missing: related information about listed conflicts.When? Why? etc.
  • Read related Wikipedia article for each conflict by clicking (i) marker.
  • Free and simple to use.

Check out ConflictHistory @


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