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Public conferences, meetings, and seminars cover a wide array of interesting topics. Just next week there might be a nearby conference about a topic you find interesting. Surely you would want to attend. To keep in touch with conferences related to your favorite subjects, head on over to conference locator ConferenceHound.

conference locator

ConferenceHound is a free and simple to use website that lists conferences. The simplest usage of the site is to enter some key parameters and search for a conference: these parameters include industry, date intervals, keywords, and sorting method. You can also use the site to view conferences via city, organizer, and venue.

conference finder

By creating an account on the site, people can find conferences, get recommendations to relevant events, and see which events family members and colleagues are attending. Account holders can also add events to their favorites or share them with others. The site will particularly be helpful to professionals who want to keep in touch with conferences related to their fields.


  • Nearby conference finder.
  • Lets you find out about conferences.
  • Provides multiple methods of searching for conferences.
  • Lets you add conferences to your favorites and share them.
  • Similar tool: Lanyrd and ConferenceCalendar.

Check out ConferenceHound @

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