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Conduit is an excellent service that lets anyone create a fully customizable toolbar for any website/blog and share it with others. This may be especially useful for major blogs (but not limited to) looking to increase usability of their website.

Conduit - custom toolbar for your website

Conduit Features

  • Create fully customizable toolbar for any blog/website.
  • Share toolbar with friends/readers.
  • Add to toolbar: Google search, Rss reader, pop-up blocker, weather tool, application launcher MSN, Outlook, Word, Notepad, etc), webpage text highlighter, and lots more.
  • Earn money from Conduit revenue share program.
  • Get detailed reports on toolbar downloads/usage data.
  • Send message/link to all toolbar users at once.
  • Get custom download page for your toolbar (
  • Browse toolbars created by other users. (good place to get ideas)

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