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A whiteboard in an office is used to jot down and share ideas with one another. But if group members are remotely located, then the best way to share your ideas is through a virtual whiteboard. This is precisely what ConceptBoard offers.

group whiteboard

ConceptBoard is a free to use web app that lets you create virtual whiteboards called conceptboards. Each conceptboard can be used to scribble down ideas with your mouse. Other participants, who are added through their email addresses, can comment on your scribbles – comments to which you can respond through your comments. Pictures and files can be added to the board either taking a screenshot using the built in screenshot tool or by uploading a document.

You can invite people to your board while creating or by using the invitation button in the top right of the board.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create virtual whiteboards.
  • Facilitates exchanging ideas between people remotely located.
  • Lets you group members comment on things placed on the whiteboard.
  • Files can be uploaded and share on the whiteboard.
  • Similar tools: Conceptboard, CoSketch, Twiddla, Squareleaf, Pindax, and Workhack.

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