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Effective team collaboration starts with the syncing of tasks, messaging, and milestones – and there are good project management tools that do these very well. However, if you need to create a concept or brainstorm with your team remotely, you will need an online whiteboard. Conceptboard is a web app that serves as an all-in-one whiteboard with features that include document sharing, visual feedbacks, scribbles, live meetings and more.

collaborative whiteboard online

Conceptboard goes beyond the idea of a standard online whiteboard. The interface lets you upload pictures, doc files, and more for quick annotations. You can upload screenshots of websites scribble on top of it, or design a wireframe. You can then comment on each and every area of the whiteboard.

Conceptboard also integrates task management and activities. All these features together offer a robust platform to do meaningful collaboration of thoughts and ideas. The live meeting is also a great plus.

collaborative online whiteboard

Conceptboard is available for free and paid subscribers on a per-user, per-month basis. The basic plan lets you create up to 25 concept boards while the professional and enterprise plan offers unlimited boards, co-worker management, and branding.



  • Collaborate  documents and feedback.
  • Share and discuss content within seconds.
  • Work on documents directly with the team.
  • Provide feedback visually.
  • Illustrate ideas.
  • Mobile access.
  • Place ideas at a single location.
  • Similar tools: CoSketch, Twiddla, Squareleaf, Pindax, and Workhack.

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