How Old Is Your Computer? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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polls   How Old Is Your Computer? [MakeUseOf Poll]In a timely fashion, we asked you last week about the ways you follow the 2012 Olympic games. The most surprising outcome, at least for me, is that most of you don’t even follow the Olympics. Not even the medal count. But what of those who do?

Out of 232 votes in total, 25% watch the games on TV, 9% watch it on live streaming, 8% follow the results using an app or website, 2% follow the results in the newspaper, 1% follow the results on Twitter or Facebook, 20% use more than one of these methods, 3% use a different method which was not mentioned, and a full 32% don’t follow the games at all.

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poll results august 11   How Old Is Your Computer? [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: How Old Is Your Computer?

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While less timely than the Olympics, this is one should turn out interesting. Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and a laptop bought 2 years ago might already be considered old compared to today’s offers. Some stay with a computer or laptop for as long as possible before upgrading, while others prefer to upgrade to a newer version every year or two. My own laptop is 3.5 years old, and I’ve just started thinking of a new one. How old is your main computer right now? Let’s see if we can get some interesting MakeUseOf stats!

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How old is your computer usually before you consider a new one? What makes you decide it’s time to get a new one? Share all your thoughts in the comments!

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Serra Stone

I put less than a year old, since I build my own Hackintosh, and am constantly upgrading it. I don’t think that any of the parts currently are more than a year old though.

Yaara Lancet

Kudos on building a Hackintosh! That counts as less than a year old. :)

April Eum

i used a toshiba laptop bought in 1999, i used it till 2008 (my grandpa bought my first computer when i was 12 :) LOL once i got a job, i bought myself finally a new computer in 2008, ever since i purchased a new one every year. along the way, upgraded to a mac. so i currently use iMac 2011 and MacBook Pro 2012 mid :) i still cherish my first toshiba laptop dearly. it’s a prized possession indefinitely.

Yaara Lancet

9 years! That’s very impressive. Mine is starting to die at 3.5. :) Guess they don’t make them like they used to. Did you use it daily during those 9 years?

Ashwin Ramesh

9 years! Oh my… impressive!

Arron Walker

1-2 years old, I currently use my laptop for most of my daily computing. I have my 3ish year old desktop set up as a media server, due to it’s own 1tb hard drive as well as my external tb hard drive attached. I originally brought it to play my old games (Like the first Halo) on higher settings, but it sadly can not play more recent games (Skyrim is naught but a slideshow), and I can’t afford to upgrade it. I tend to buy a new computer/laptop when my old machine starts to feel slow and sluggish, despite some good old maintenance (my previous desktop had a 3-4 minute boot of a fresh install of XP before I got rid of it).

Yaara Lancet

Thanks for the comment!


I literally just got a new computer yesterday, but this computer is for college. If I didn’t need to get a laptop for college, I probably would have kept using my desktop as it worked fine and was probably 4-5 years old. I don’t think you need a new computer every 2-3 years unless something fails (for example, if the harddrive fails and the computer is 3 years old with backups, you could buy a new computer instead of going through the hassle of ordering a new harddrive and reinstalling your OS).
For most people, a 5 year old computer will run fine, especially if they aren’t tech nerds and just browse the web and check email.

Yaara Lancet

I agree with your last sentence. I find that usage affects the computer’s lifespan a lot. If you use it very lightly, it can last for ages, but not with heavy use and if you haul it everywhere.

I also bought my first laptop for grad school and after taking it everywhere with me for two years, it’s now feels pretty old at only 3.5.


I’m on my fourth (I think!) Mac laptop–this one’s a MacBook, and the AppleCare extended warranty I purchased for it has expired. I’ve never had a problem with this laptop–it’s been a good performer for over three years. I will be looking for a new or factory refurb MacBook pro after the first of the year and will trade this one in.

Collin Hoffman

I have had my current computer since May 2011. I plan on keeping it until I no longer use it enough to warrant keeping. I don’t have a specific schedule to replace it. Right now it does everything I want it to (basically), and as an unemployed college student. that is good enough for me. I want to upgrade to a desktop gaming rig but I can’t justify spending that much money right now when I can play games reasonably well on my laptop.

I don’t actually know how old my previous computer was when I got rid of it in favor of this one. I know that It had been retired by my school, and I think they have a 5-6 year cycle for new computers, and I had it for a year and half after that, although I did buy a couple new parts to upgrade it after I got it.

Burhan Ahmed

My Laptop is 3 Years Old. I am an IT Trainer. This year my computer upgrade was due. But instead of buying a New Laptop with i7 ivy bridge. I upgraded my old Core 2 duo with 8 GB ram and 512 GB Sandforce SSD. It was one of the best decision. I can never go back to a normal HDD.

I think most of us dont even need First Generation i7. Let alone 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge. If you guys are looking for a cheap but worthy upgrade. Buy a 128gb SSD.


VERY TRUE INDEED WITH THE 128gs ssd upgrade. Just recommending someone with an old computer to upgrade their hard drive to an ssd drive will work wonders on any computer. Ram upgrades being the cheapest and easiest way to improve an ailing computer system. But the ssd drive upgrade on my macbook pro cut my boot time from 40 seconds down to 22 seconds.

Yaara Lancet

Sounds cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

John B Lontz

Regardless of any imminent hardware issues that will arise on my laptop, I’ve found 4 years is about the longest I can go before the programs I use will start to operate too slowly. I use my laptop almost exclusively for work, and find myself ALT-TABing between 6 or 8 programs throughout the day in order to remain productive. This laptop is going on 4 years, and I’ll give this dual-core, 3 Gb RAM another 6 months.


I bought a new MacBook Pro 13″ this year. It’s really great and I highly recommend it if one has money to blow (I just graduated!) but having a new computer is not as necessary as everyone says. In fact, this is the first computer I actually bought new. I’ve have been using an assortment of cheap and free PCs and Macs for years. Some of these have been pretty old (one still had a floppy drive!) Nonetheless, once cleaned (CCleaner and Auslogics Disk Defrag for the PCs, Onyx for the Macs, compressed air for all) and updated, they all preformed completely acceptably. They could easily handle Netflix and Hulu, even Photoshopping and basic video editing was possible. Anyway, if you can’t really afford it, don’t buy it. You will be amazed what people give away.


HAHA…oldie here…2004…before that was a 1995…and before that a Tandy Laptop m100 & Tandy Model 4…and Timex Sinclair

Somewhat Reticent

Main box – current hand-me-down: 2003; in process of adding: used 2008. Vintage 2005 laptop collecting dust. Old P-166 holding up shelf (servers never die?). Not a fashionista …

Yaara Lancet



This one 2004…
before that 1995…and before that
Tandy m100 and Model 4 and Timex-Sinclair

Elijah Swartz

That’s a hard question to answer. Some parts are new than others. It’s a computer I built myself. It has been occasionally upgraded or had parts traded for others throughout the years.

Yaara Lancet

Yes, I figured some people will have this problem when answering. What did you end up voting for?

Corina Carrasco

I have several computers. My desktop is two years old but is rarely used so that will last a long time. I may not replace that as I am moving from storing everything locally to cloud storage so the desktop with the large hard drive is probably redundant. My main laptop is 3.5 years old and I have actually replaced it with a new one in the past six months, however I’m so used to using this one (Dell Inspiron) that the new one is packed away from my last trip. The new one (HP Pavillion) is much smaller and lighter (ten inch), thus more portable. It also has a solid state drive so it should last me a long time once I clear everything off of the Dell and migrate what I need to the HP. I like feeling comfortable with my hardware as well as my software so I try to keep a machine as long as I possibly can.

Scott Beamer

I put 4 years, but that’s my Desktop, which I’ve not gotten around to setting up since I moved many months ago.

The other PC is a 2 year old laptop. It came with 4GB of RAM and gets very slow very quickly. I think doubling that RAM would make a huge difference. I don’t do anything heavy duty like editing video or playing hardcore games, so it’s going to last me a few more years (I think).

The laptop specs: Intel Core i5 (1st gen), 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM 1GB Nvidia Optimus video card.

Desktop: Intel Core 2 Quad, 1TB HDD (x2) 2TB HDD, 8GB DDR2 RAM, 1 GB Nvidia somethingorother G-Force card (when they still had four digits).

Haval Abdulkarim

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CS/R laptop since 2008. For now, I don’t think to buy a new one, but in future maybe because sometime when I run complex computations in Matlab, it runs out of memory or spends more time to execute. :-)

Salman Abdullah

My PC is 7 years old. Using Linux to make sure it fast in operation.


The appropriate time to upgrade parts for your existing computer is when they are at their cheapest if you can afford it. That way it doesn’t become older technology that requires more costly parts that could have been had for dirt cheap.

As far as upgrading from your existing computer to a newer computer, you should really only have to upgrade when your computer can’t handle very well what you normally use it for, as in using a P4 processor versus a first generation i3 processor for video streaming, multitasking, and light gaming. 3 to 5 years used to be average, but with faster technology at dual core or more, it may be longer, even beyond 5 to 7 years.

Many of the older computers can also be used for media and network servers or HTPCs, so that could extend their use beyond their “normal” home user life expectancy. Beyond that, they can also be used to teach younger generations the basics of computer programming, repair and upgrades, and also for game emulators for a classic or retro gaming system. To me, throwing away older technology that can be donated or used in a productive way outside of “normal everyday use” is a waste as many people can benefit from the other ways they can be used.


We have an Acer netbook that is less than 8 months old that needs warranty repair, an HP laptop with quad core that is 2 years old, and a desktop with a socket 478 Pentium 4 processor with no idea on how old it is. I plan on getting a fairly up to date desktop in the near future just to have an upgradable computer so it can be more future resistant. I will use each of the computers as long as possible, finding a use for them as they age, as I do with our smart phones.

Yaara Lancet

Thanks for taking the time to write this comment!

Tom Grady

The usefulness of an older computer really has a lot to do with what it’s main use is. For instance, I have an old Emac G4 that runs Lubuntu. It’s only use is to teach my 7 year old son how to type and basic to intermediate math, and basic computing and file system navigation. I don’t need much in the way of graphics or processor speed for that. My daily machine, a Dell Notebook, is probably 3 or 4 years old, and works for me just fine. It is mostly used for web browsing and some school work.

Basically, if you find yourself wanting more power and features, then upgrade, otherwise, you are just a victim of great advertising when you buy that fancy new Ultra-Book or the latest Apple product.


My Macbook Pro is 2 years old and running just like it did brand new!

Personally, I think 4 years is a good number to wait before getting a brand new computer – that is if you don’t buy parts and upgrade it here and there. If you upgrade the RAM, do a fresh install, and tweak things here and there, they can certainly go past 4 years, but it depends on what you are computing for! I use Adobe and Final Cut Pro almost every day, and as those programs get more advanced and power hungry every year or two, 4 years is just about right for me when getting a brand new computer.


My idea was to keep my computer for at least five years before changing it. I bought it in February 2008, so it’s already four years old. During this time, I’ve seen it lose its battery (it died within the first year), repaired its screen, got an external hard drive, a ReadyBoost memory upgrade, and most important, Windows 7 Pro (it came with Windows Vista Basic factory installed).
I’ll probably get myself a new computer by the end of this year. I’ve given this one a rough enough treatment…

Tug Ricks

I got a new laptop before this last semester of school started. I had bought one in 2008, but I made the mistake of letting a family member “borrow” it when I went on a mission for my church a year and a half later. (Didn’t really need a computer for that.) After two years, it was completely trashed, so I needed another one. Anyways, I plan on having this bad boy until it dies on me. My usage is fairly basic, so it’s not as if I need the newest technology or anything.


my home’s “main” computer is the new Dell my wife uses in the den. that’s not my computer — i use the Dell in the basement bought a dozen years ago with Windows Me. when it unceremoniously blew up and claimed my wife’s freelance income source, Microsoft meekly agreed to give me XP (apparently we were not the first Me victim). it works fine as long as i keep updating the MS and other drivers.

Va Du

My current PC is 14 months old. Time sure flies as I already think it’s outdated since it’s not running up to my standards and it’s running an i7-2600k and Revodrive. I also have an 4 year old Dell inspiron which I use on and off for work. It’s painfully slow even though it’s only for surfing the web and checking email mainly.

Timothy Liem

My main Laptop (notebook) is a bit over 2 years old but I’m looking for replacement. Not that I will throw my current notebook, but to prevent something that I don’t want to happen. My HDD is so likely to fail. and in my country, ext. HDD is still expensive. So I think to buy a new laptop (ultraslim by AMD maybe).


my PC is 3 years old..just one part isn’t work today, VGA Card..

Andrew Rossaak

I use my main desktop computer every day. It is at least 4 years old, but had had one repair and a replaced HDD in that time. It does what I need – although sometimes slowly. No need to upgrade just yet though – it runs XP and until I need Win 7 or 8 or whatever new operating system to keep using the software and systems, its OK. Getting a new computer tends to decrease productivity for a week or two as I tend to spend too much time exploring and setting up things just right and making sure the software runs OK.

salvador hernandez

Not exactly sure because I built it a couple summers ago but I keep upgrading parts sooo can you tell me how old is? Do I base it on how old the processor and/or the HDD is:-)

kevin gnanaraj

Our family generally use our computers till absolute failure. We have laptops from the 90s to 2009, and a desktop less than a year old and they’re all still going strong. If something goes wrong, we tweak and play with it till it works decently again(software wise). One of the laptops has a broken hinge, but we just prep it up against a wall again. Another, monitor stopped working as well as the keyboard. We simply bought external versions of those and kept using them. This applies to most of our electronic products. We have TVs that date to the 80s and other assorted electronics.
We buy new electronics when we have the money to afford it, but we sort of get sentimentally attached to them, so the house is full of junk that we think we might fall back to but in reality would not be reliable enough anymore.


My laptop is arnd 1.5 years old. Avg life for my laptop is 3-4 years. My desktop is around 5-6 years old but saying that I have upgraded few things every couple of years.

Tim Hemmis

I received my current laptop as a Christmas present.
The laptop before that was a toughbook that I’ve had for over 8 years. It slowly started dying and locking up and having hard drive problems.
Still have a desktop that we got in 2000. Doesn’t get powered up much these days.

Yaara Lancet

8 years is quite a lot!

Alan Wade

I voted 1-2 years but that is technically wrong! I update the hardware or parts of it every 12 months or so and then put the parts I take out of mine into my wifes computer.
Basically I like to keep up to date with the best hardware that I can afford. Of course what I can afford and what is the best are two different things.

Yaara Lancet

Yeah, desktops are different, but I guess it depends on which parts you replace and such.


how does the title cover the article?? i can’t see the link between my comp’s age and the olympics. oh wait, there’s this little poll too ..way down the article!

Yaara Lancet

Every week you’ll find last week’s poll’s results first, and after that you’ll find this week’s poll. You can figure what it will be by the title of the poll. If you’re not interested in last week’s results, you can always scroll straight to this week’s poll. Hope this helps!


Thanks, that was indeed helpful. Sorry for being cynical


Mine is 2 years old and still working. I usually change my PC’s hardware when it fails. The last change was due to dead mainboard after 4 years of good work. Another old PC of mine was a 1.2GHz P4 since 2001, I used for 6 years before giving it away to a relative. And that PC is still working, though every year I have to reset the OS and clean the hardware. These days hardware don`t lasts that long. Well I guess its just business of inovation.

Rahul Prabhu

I voted +5 years. Bought the desktop in 2002. It’s still in perfect working condition (except for the hard disk crash within a year of purchase). There have been other minor issues with the SMPS, CD-ROM failure, which I got replaced. The 1.8 Ghz P4 CPU and the 256 MB DDR RAM was just not enough for it to run smoothly. So I upgraded the RAM to 768 MB DDR about 7 years ago. And that combined without disabling every possible startup application and services, regular disk cleanup and defragmenting, and minimal installed software, it at-least runs smooth enough for web browsing, word/excel processing, other lightweight apps and playing AOE 2 :-) I I will keep using it as long as it works fine for these tasks…For everything else, I have a 3 year old laptop.

Alan Ralph

Bought an iMac at the end of May, after the second PC flake-out in the space of two years. I used to expect at least 3 years of good use out of my PC, but lately it seems that the components in most cheap ready-built systems just aren’t built to last that long, particularly if the system is in regular use. My parents have also had PC problems the last few years – fortunately, I’ve got them backing u regularly now, so no data was lost – which has made me more wary of buying a PC in future.

If I do get another one, it will most likely be a workstation for heavy-duty graphics or video work – with luck, I will be in a position to pay for the cost of multi-year on-site support from the manufacturer. I will also be considering getting Applecare support for my iMac, as I’m going to be relying on it for freelance and consulting work in the future.


My main box at home was a custom build in 2006 and was one of the last single core enthusiast motherboards, but the CPU is passively cooled (with a large radiator) and the entire system runs very quiet (but not silent). I recently increased the dual-port DDR2 RAM from 1 GB to 3 GB so Linux 3.x kernels run better. It currently triple-boots WinXP, Ubuntu 10.04, & Ubuntu 12.04.

I also still have my nearly 30-year old, heavily upgraded Apple ][+. Some people enjoy maintaining classic cars. I have a classic computer. :)


I purchased my computer in middle of 2009 and but at present it can run Win 8 smoothly with any problem.or we can say that Computer have long life than Laptop…


In my case that is a meaningless question – which part of my computer? and which computer? I have several ranging in age from less than one year to more than 15 years old. And, yes that nearly indestructible ancient Toshiba Laptop is still used on a regular basis (for a specific program) – I will go with my main desk computer for this question though.

Instead of buying an entire new computer, mine evolves. I replace at least one part every few months. The latest being a new SSD drive two days ago. I think the oldest part is a serial card (yes I do still have a use for a com port) that must be around 12 to 15 years old. So I could vote either brand new based on the new SSD or more than 5 years old based on other parts. Or, make it a rolling average and say 3 to 4 years. But most of it is probably in the 1-2 year range.

Yaara Lancet

15 years! Not bad. I guess it is a tough question to answer in your case. :)


5 years. I’m on a 2007 Macbook Pro. About 2 years ago I added an SSD to the up till then useless PCI-Express expansion slot and am very happy with the speed bump. Main OS is on the SSD an the rest is on a 500GB Samsung HDD. Mountain Lion runs smoothly but the fans go of way more often than under lion and I am planing on getting a refurbished 13″ air as soon as they start to show up.

Shakirah Faleh Lai

I’d used my current desktop since 2007. It runs smoothly until last year when it started to slow down a RAM upgrade make it faster. Almost everything on my desktop perform better after I installed windows 7, especially internet connection speed. My teacher’s desktop lasts for 10 years with proper care, he clean dust at least once a year and left his motherboard for a couple of minutes under the sunlight every year. I do what he suggested to keep that desktop alive and hope it can lasts long too.
BTW I’ll leave that desktop at home as I’ll further my studies abroad. Wondering should I buy a laptop or build my brand new desktop to be used. Building a computer is easy and fun but I’ll come back home after 4 years, does that desktop or laptop should I choose? I don’t really need a computer for my studies anyway but I can’t live without one. It just like not having any rice for a whole day (I’m an Asian).

Vipul Jain

Brand new ASUS K53SM-SX010D for my MBA.
Burning the midnight oil + burning my 2GB NVIDIA 630M.
One shouldn’t shy away when it comes to showing off your rig! XD


So I rebuilt all my computers back in November. My desktop was rebuilt from the ground up (only kept hard drives). My htpc got some hand me down upgrades from my old desktop, my windows home server got a ground up rebuild (again except hard drives), I also built a VMware server from scratch.

Before November I believe all computers were at least 3 years old.

Avish Kansakar

4 years…its slowing down. Im pretty sure ill be getting a new one soon but being a college student and a cs major i kinda have a high demand when it comes to pcs =_=

Henree Arriola de Garcia

Currently rocking my 6 year old Macbook Pro.
Still running great!

Patrick McAuley

I answered the poll for my main computer, which is still a Windows desktop. But I plan to replace that with the MacBook Air that I bought a few months ago, once I have become sufficiently accustomed to Mac OSX and have figured out the best way to keep compatible with colleagues who use Windows systems and MS Office programs and files. I plan to connect the MBA to an external disk for my data, using its internal 128GB SSD just for OS and programs. I’ll have a second external disk for local backup (I already use Carbonite for online backup on both systems) and connect the MBA to the 21.5″ screen that I currently use with the desktop. I may eventually replace that screen with an Apple thunderbolt display.
My third computer is a 4 year old Dell laptop that I will probably be giving to my daughter soon.

susendeep dutta

Previously,I’d a computer which ran for 5 and a half years and after that I changed it due to hardware failures of many parts of my cabinet.So,I bought a new one and I didn’t changed the monitor which is LCD one,speakers,keyboard and mice.So,I voted for brand new one.


Which one? I have several ranging from less than a year to 4 years old.


Actually, the computer I’m using right now is between 2 and 3 years old, which doesn’t appear to be an option to select. In our house we also have operating desktops that are 12 and 4 years old, and an operating laptop that is 11 years old. The 12 years old runs 98SE and the other two run XP, while the one I’m currently using runs Windows 7.


My laptop is 4 years old. I had planned to replace it this year, but there’s nothing wrong with it, so will keep using it until it dies on me. I really wanted that MacBook Pro though…

VS Vishnu

old is gold


My main comp is an old Dell its a 2.0 p4 i have made repairs to it but i runs as smooth as my HP duel core laptop. I think Dell might like it in a museum.I bought the Dell in 96 and the HP is 5 almost 6 yr .

Michael Sledge

My computer Itself has only existed for about a little over the year, it has been upgraded many times (upgraded cpu, then gpu, then motherboard and cpu and ram. then gpu again) but the components themselves are still a much older (core 2 duo, gt220)

Christian Caldwell

I buy a Dell tower, it lasts 3-4 years. repeat. repeat. repeat.

Mike Douglas

I usually don’t upgrade until I need to. My PC does just fine and only gets upgraded when something breaks or doesn’t accomplish a given task. My workstation PC usually gets upgraded when a game I cant live w/o doesnt perform, my server PC is being upgraded to handle more memory for my virtual environment.


My poor computer is soooo old it only has a 70gb hard drive.
I guess since the Dead Sea was still alive when I was born that actually isn’t so very old.


How do I answer this question? My computer is custom-built. Furthermore I don’t concern myself with the ages of the parts, only their advantages and disadvantages.

Allen Barnett

We have 3 laptops, 1 netbook and a desktop. Ranging from 5 months to 6 years.


My computer is around 8 years old and is a Pentium-4 2GHz PC. It is working just fine. I only add an additional hard disk to supplement the clearly inadequate 40GB master disk. the O/S I am running is Windows XP. The future for the PC once I get a new PC: computer running on Linux distros.


I have a 6yr old computer with celeron processor, 768mb ram and 120gb HD.. but i still think it can do much more than tablet pc like iPad. :D

Mihovil Pletikos

i have asus g73 that i bought on 2010 and it is still working… and all games still can be played in native resolution 1080 :)


My Dell 1545 that runs ubuntu 12.04 X64 is going on 3 years old, but my desktop, xubuntu 10.04 X386, is from 2002. Both run just fine.


Got my $35 Raspberry Pi about a month ago.

Erik Wasmund

My main laptop is a 2007 MacBook. Runs snow leopard very well, runs Linux even better. My main desktop is a Lenovo from 2008. XP and a few Linux distros installed on that one.

Kaashif Haja

My PC is 7 years old, still working fine! I gained more knowledge with the help of my PC and i don’t feel like throwing it away now. I’m planning to work with it for few more years. I’m a Student now, Once i get a Job i’ll get a new one.

Benjamin Glass

Mine is a little over a year old. I’m amazed that the battery lasted this long!

Naveen Kumar

4 years and still rocking……………………………….


Well… lets see… I have two towers, two laptops, a netbook and two 32gb HP Touchpads… one original one hacked to cyanogen mod android ics. My spouse has two towers a netbook, a touchpad and a laptop. The oldest tower is 4 years old… newest 3 months. Oldest laptop is from 2006… except for my OLD macintosh powebooks a 540 and a 3200c(?) which I still have and still sort of work and my old mac performa 6115. Someone gave me an original mac cube with floppies that still works! So I have that as well..
Back in the mid 90’s I was the only one in my graduate program that HAD a laptop (ok I studied counseling–not exactly a tech intensive field!) and my clicking on the keyboard was rather new in a classroom at the time… making me a bit unpopular (initially) with some of my classmates… Until I offered to assuage their distraction by emailing them a copy of my class notes each week.. (I touch-type about 65 wpm.) Suddenly I was very popular–and there were no complaints to my profs! :) I still have my hp deskjet 340 which I used as the best danged portable printer EVER.. I still remember the day that the prof assigned a five page paper due the next week at the beginning of a 3 hour class meeting due the next week–and I had a whole bunch of extra pdf articles on the subject downloaded on my powerbook. I wrote hm the paper, and bibliography, took notes and printed the paper and bib up for him during the break–asking him if he’d look over my draft… LOL..He called me the next day and told me I didn’t have any need for revision and got my “A” :) I wish I could still find some ink for that deskjet! :) I’ve got a LOT of stuff around here! (Did I mention the accompanying document feeder scanner that goes with the performa? :) ) Nowadays I’m out of the mac biz… alas…



Tom Sobieski

Mine is a Compaq Laptop I bought in 2007, so that makes it a little over 5 years old. It started out with a 80 GB HD and ran Vista. Well we all know that 80 GB isn’t nearly enough and besides Vista sucks, so the HD got upgraded to 320 GB and I traded in Vista for UBUNTU.
It’s been in use every single day since I bought it, and I’ve been thinking of replacing it this year after W8 comes out. But, I just might build myself another and install Ubuntu on that.
BTW, this laptop will go to my housekeepers 10 year old.

Charles Fillinger

My newest computer is 3 years old, our local server is an 8 year old HP and my laptop is a 2001 model Compaq. All I can say is Linux! Many upgrades and add-ons and some Frankenstein networking but smoothly operating network. I won’t give up hardware until it’s completely defunct!


My laptop is seven years old. Two years ago, I added a netbook to the mix which I use exclusively. The laptop is used by my grandkids, and other family members ad visitors. My desktop pc is used for business purposes onl.
I have been looking at the 15 in screen laptops and tablets. I want a tablet, but need it to be compatible with my present software (Windows 7 and Office). The Motorola zoom appears to be a good choice but is a bit pricey for my present financial situation. I thought the new Windows tablet was going to be ideal until I read your review. I’ll probably choose something between now and Christmas.

Julie Smith

I tend to buy the most powerful laptop I can afford, to maximise its useful life. I bought my current laptop in 2006. I added RAM 3 years ago, and I did have to replace the HDD 2 years ago when it failed, but that’s all it’s ever needed.

lance burn

the first laptop i had was a vist machine and i hated it so i got a touch screen 64 bit windows acer aspire laptop and its much more stable than vista

Thatcher D

Well, it depends on what computer you’re talking about. I have 3 old iBook G3 laptops, from 2000 running Debian(which I am typing on right now) and Mac OS 9. I also have a Dell Inspiron from 2005? I think, with Windows 8, and I have a Toshiba Satellite a105 from 2008 I think, and a desktop with windows 8, Windows 7, and Hackintosh(OSX 10.6) which is an hp a1540n, from around 2006-2009. Also, I have a computer(made by Addonnics) that is still in daily use from 1996 running Puppy Linux and Windows 98 SE.

I have lots of computers :D


My laptop is a Packard Bell from 2006. Was My dad’s work one, then he got an upgrade, so I claimed it. The quality is brilliant, but it’s just getting too slow these days.
I bought myself a desktop a few years ago, but the mobo packed up…

Yang Yang Li

No wonder labtop manufactures are suffering. The majority of people still have ancient machines instead of buying a new one.

Lesley Riley

My MacBook is 4 years old, husband’s Sony VAIO is 6 years old, have a 11 year old dancing iMac desktop and even an OLD, 12 years, Compaq laptop that still works, albeit excruciatingly slowly.


My desktop is about 5 yrs old, custom built AMD first gen dual core 3.0Ghz with 8GB ram, win7. Most parts except cpu/mobo have been upgraded or updated due to hardware failures and/or cheaper components.

I usually upgrade every 3 to 4 years but the dual-core and win7 is allowing me to upgrade later rather than sooner. Although the computer feels slower and could use more juice, it’s still functioning at an okay pace, unlike the old single core computers which will slow to a crawl after a couple of years.

My next build I’m considering will be a Hackentosh using Intel Ivy Bridge. Main parts I’ll need are cpu/mobo/ddr3 ram, other components will be carried over. And if SSD prices are decent, I may get one to use as main drive.

Peet McKimmie

My current “main” machine is about six or seven years old, (Dual-core Linux box) and I’ll probably use it until it dies. (I’ve replaced the power supply once and the video card twice already…)

My oldest working machine is just over a decade old; it’s also the only Windows box in the house. (Windows 2000 – it didn’t get any better than that!)

Generally, I’ll only replace a machine if it no longer functions. e.g. I’m onto my second Hackintosh after the previous one fell off the desk and smashed. @’.’@

Max U

Great! My main PC (Core 2 Duo, 2GBRAM, Win 7is 5 yr old, another working PC is 10 years old(P4, Win xp, 512 MB RAM). Read my post for details -Max U

Tony Cavanna

I bought my current desktop in April 2010. I specified the best processor (intel i7) and and as much memory as I could afford (12gb) so that it would last. I also use Linux, the performance of which does doesn’t degrade like Windows. I expect to keep my desktop for many years. My previous PC lasted 6 years. Best of all was my previous laptop which I bought in 2003 and I only replaced late last year. Again running Linux which gave it a new lease of life when Windows became too slow. It’s still in perfect working order, it seems almost criminal to toss it in the bin. Two years for the ‘life’ of a computer is ridiculously short when you think about it. You wouldn’t accept such a short life for a Fridge, Washing Machine or Car.

Abdalla Ibrahim

my pc is about 3 years old and it’s doing all i need i use it heavily everyday n i feel like i don’t have to upgrade for years


It is rather old, I bough it in 2004, but changed hardware in 2010


I have had my laptop a toshiba since 2006 it just recently started to slow down,I bought it to talk to my grandkids and play games with them since they live in NJ and I am in florida,it just started to slow down has all original programs no upgrades.I am waiting for windows 8 to come out:)

automan 1

My computer is made of components that I hand picked and built for their length of service. Unless something phenomenal comes along I won’t update for another couple of years.


I have a 10+ year old ECS motherboard, P4 1.7GHz processor, the Samsung 40 GBhard drive and the case (all are 10+ yrs old)). The CD-RW drive (7+ yrs old), PSU (1 yr, 3rd replacement) and CRT 15″Monitor (6+ yrs) and DDR2 400 RAM (5+ yrs)were all upgraded. Yes, the computer still works on Win XP, there is Office 2003, Foxit reader and Irfanview and an old ver. of Avast AV, and nothing much. To boot it, sometimes you’ve got to clean the RAM, put it back and it works fine. Replaced the CMOS batt a few yrs ago. Another, newer, working Core 2 Duo PC is 5 years old:D

Max U

I registered as Max U

Max U

I have a 10+ year old ECS motherboard, P4 1.7GHz processor, the Samsung 40 GBhard drive and the case (all are 10+ yrs old)). The CD-RW drive (7+ yrs old), PSU (1 yr, 3rd replacement) and CRT 15″Monitor (6+ yrs) and DDR2 400 RAM (5+ yrs)were all upgraded. Yes, the computer still works on Win XP, there is Office 2003, Foxit reader and Irfanview and an old ver. of Avast AV, and nothing much. To boot it, sometimes you’ve got to clean the RAM, put it back and it works fine. Replaced the CMOS batt a few yrs ago. I have another 5 year old working PC, its a Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM