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While the PNG image file format is the choice of many to preserve image quality, the format does create images of a rather large file size. Here to help with this is a web service called CompressPNG.

compress png images

CompressPNG is a free to use web service that will greatly benefit people who use digital images online. Perhaps the most used file format used for digital images to preserve their quality is the PNG format. However the downside to this file format is its usually large file size when compared to JPG and other file formats. CompressPNG is here to help you out by reducing the colors present in a PNG digital image.

You start by picking the images you want to reduce the size of. Even images of the BMP, ICO, JPG, and GIF file formats can be uploaded; they are then converted into the PNG format before the site reduces their size. Once your images have been uploaded you can pick the one you want to resize. It will load up with its original view along with its ‘After’ results.

This results preview can be updated by choosing the number of colors that appear on the final image. For this, you are provided with a slider that you can move up and down to increase and decrease the colors respectively. The slider supports all whole numbers of colors from 2 to 256.



The resulting image is updated in real time so you know when the quality of image decreases below your preference. The final file size is also shown with the preview. The result can be downloaded as a PNG image.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Helps reduce size of PNG images.
  • Works by reducing colors within image.
  • Supports between 2 and 256 colors.
  • Accepts JPG, ICO, GIF, BMP, and PNG images as input.
  • Provides PNG image output.
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Check out CompressPNG @

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