Compose Emails In A New Window As Gmail Improves Interface [Updates]

gmail logo   Compose Emails In A New Window As Gmail Improves Interface [Updates]Reading and managing emails is one half of the story. Composing them is the other half, and Gmail just went in for an improvement there. We could open a separate window to write a new email earlier too by clicking “Shift” while clicking the Compose button, using the Shift+c shortcut or clicking the pop-out icon. Using a separate window to write emails allows you continued access to your inbox. Gmail believes that this wasn’t used by many, and so they have gone about improving it so it is more prominent and gives you more control.

The Compose window has been redesigned to be faster and easier to use. The new Compose gets its own chat-like (but larger) pop-up window. You don’t have to close your draft to reference or read other emails. As it works like a chat window, you can write multiple messages at once and minimize a message to finish it later.

You can now also see profile pics of your contacts in the address field as auto-complete kicks in. You can drag and drop the new address ‘chips’ between the To, CC, and BCC fields. When all recipients have been added, the address area collapses automatically to get out of your way. Other changes include a new icon for text formatting, an icon for attachments and a “+” icon for embedding photos, links, emoticons and Google Calendar events.

Improvements have also been made to the way you reply. The changes are being rolled out gradually. To try the new interface, open Gmail, click the Compose button and look for the new compose experience link right next to the Labels button. You can switch back to the old interface if you don’t like the new interface.

Source: Google Operating System Blog

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It’s seriously a nice feature. Bravo Google!

Mark O’Neill

I really like the feature and it is already proving very useful for me. However I am noticing the following drawbacks (which will probably be fixed later, but even so, it’s annoying right now) :

1. Canned responses and labels are not supported.

2. I would prefer to have the compose window on the left side of the screen, not the right. It would be nice to have the option to move it.

Despite that, it is a really nice and useful feature.

Ashwin Ramesh

Yes Mark, moving the compose box is another feature that would be useful.

Mark O’Neill

Another drawback – if you have multiple email addresses attached to your Gmail account, as I have (work and personal email addresses) then you can’t switch between addresses. A major problem, and this might force me to go back to the old compose window, until Google sorts this out!

Florin Ardelian

You can switch between senders. There’s a “From” field in the top-right corner. That was the first thing I looked for.

Mark O’Neill

Wonderful! Thanks Florin. I totally missed that.

Mark O’Neill

Plus I use Gmail Boomerang which is also gone! Well…that does it. Time to switch back. Sigh, and I was starting to like it.

Alae Hatoum

I was using right inbox and at first thought it was gone turns out the options to track mail have been moved around a bit so maybe its not completely gone and instead just relocated or something

Ashwin Ramesh

Well, the feature is good, but I guess there are some cons of using it at present, atleast for me. I am unable to use Chrome extensions such as Bananatag, which I tend to use quite often.

Nikhil Chandak

amazing feature
gonna try it out

Harshal Warkhede

I used it, its really nice feature introduced by google.

Kaashif Haja

I can’t attach smileys and do few thing..
I’ll get used to it..


You can switch between accounts by clicking on ‘from’ in the top right corner.

josemon maliakal

It is a cool feature ..really..and also the facebook changed its message interface..very bad UI

Alex Perkins

Thanks for the info, Thanks Google.


This is good. Very Good…hopefully it comes to Google Apps soon.

Manik Kumar

Great upgrade..

Alae Hatoum

I didn’t like it design wise … the added functionality is cool but I don’t composing mails on the same page .. Yahoo has had tabbed inbox for some time now … maybe google can look at that


I noticed that I cant attach a file to my emails. Maybe this issue is just in the opera browser. I’ll admit I have not tried it on other browsers. Has any one else had this issue?

Saikat Basu

Haven’t had this issue on Chrome. Maybe, you can ask our wider community on our Answers section []

Anthony Monori

Great addition, too bad I’m using a desktop email app.


I just wanted to try this feature out but don’t know how to switch back, help!


I’ve found out how to do it now, thanks

yarasa GR67

Nice, i like it


Is there anyway to disable the automatically collapsing address area? Have a client that wants to be able to see CC and BCC separately.

Saikat Basu

Not one I know off, or at least not yet. Maybe, you can ask this in our Answers section.

Kevin Ross

Thanks for the review. So many times Google rolls something out and no-one finds out about it until they decide to shelve it. I hope this Compose option sticks around for awhile – it’s more streamlined. +1 for the heads-up!
Now, if I can find an equivalent replacement for the soon-to-be phased out, iGoogle page I’d be in heaven!