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When iOS 8 arrives sometime in August or September, there’s going to be a heap of cool new features to experience. With Swift, iOS 8 development is easier than ever, so now’s actually a great time to get started with app development. Fortunately, this Complete iOS 8 + Swift Developers Course is a comprehensive guide to learning the new iOS operating system and programming language — and it’s currently 92% off.

Learn to build iOS 8 apps using Swift for just $79 (originally $998) — this amazing deal ends soon.

If you have absolutely no experience with programming, don’t worry — this course doesn’t assume you do. Led by Eliot Arntz, an iOS instructor and lecturer for developer boot camps around New York City, this course will teach you the very basic concepts before going into Apple’s core development tools — such as XCode 6, CloudKit and the Metal Framework, and more. You’ll also be guided through building 14 applications throughout this course, with the final app being a full-featured clone of the popular Tinder dating application.

In line with Apple’s NDA, all iOS 8 and Xcode 6 teaching material must be kept confidential until iOS 8 is released to the public in August or September. However, all pre-orders will get instant access to the Complete iOS 7 course for free. After iOS 8 is released by Apple, you will gain immediate and unlimited access to the course.

Swift and XCode

Swift is Apple’s new, simpler and leaner programming language which replaces Objective-C; it’ll be released along with iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite around August or September. Once iOS 8 is released, all apps are required to be build with Swift, so learning the new language is essential for all app developers. Luckily, it’s not that difficult.

XCode — the IDE (integrated development environment) Apple provides for its developers — acts as the workspace for your code; it will remain in use. This course focuses on the new version of XCode, version 6, which adds new stuff like Playgrounds, a safe area to experiment with your code.


Many native iOS apps rely on Web-based services. Unfortunately, the integration process has traditionally been pretty time-consuming, so Apple created CloudKit to speed things up and help more developers to utilize iCloud in their apps. In the course, you’ll learn how to use it to best advantage.

The Metal Framework

Also covered in the course is another new addition to iOS — the Metal Framework. It replaces OpenGL as the underlying chassis for graphics on iDevices, and because it is optimised for Apple’s A7 processors, it’s way faster and more powerful. Of course, this is great for game developers, but every app should feel the improvement.

And More

With over 350 videos and 36.5 hours of content, you also get tutorials on API integration (e.g. connect to Facebook), using Storyboard to create beautiful interfaces, responsive design, core data, setting up GitHub version control, and in-app analytics.

Pre-Order now for a 92% discount

Teaching material from the Complete iOS 8 + Swift Developers Course will only be accessible when iOS 8 is released (due to Apple’s NDA), but you can pre-order now for $79 (92% off). Plus, you get free and immediate access to its predecessor, The Complete iOS 7 Course. Check out the link for more details.

Get 92% off The Complete iOS 8 + Swift Developers Course, now $79, ends soon.

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  1. Zaheer
    July 17, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    lol or you can just learn for free at

  2. Chinmay S
    July 17, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Who will buy a course with that usual price - $998?
    I would rather buy an iPhone.