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googlevsbingHeadYou have heard about Bing Bing: The Next Big Thing From Microsoft Bing: The Next Big Thing From Microsoft Read More right?

I guess you would have to be under a rock not to. Bing really wants to steal the search engine market away from the big G and they realized that the only way to do this would be to build an awesome search engine. And guess what, they did!

Google is already a pretty awesome search engine and all Microsoft really did was get its results on par with Google and add some new features like making decisions for you.

Let’s use a little utility I found called Google-Bing Search. I like to call it Google Vs. Bing (as this is what the “search” button says). It was created by Blackdog SEO. What it does is compare search results from both engines side by side. Let’s take a look at how it works.

We can type in our search terms and hit the button that says Google Versus Bing. It will compare the results side by side in your browser.

Editor’s note: The screenshots below have been separated. You will have to visit the site to get the proper representation of how this app works.






Well, while we are here, I guess we should test out some searches and see what we get. Let’s start with a simple search for + Karl Gechlik and have a look at the results.

The results returned by Google are as follows:


And here are Bing’s results:


I am pretty impressed. They both returned valid results and in this case, very different results. And this means that I have another resource for searching now. How about one more search? I decided to search for AskTheAdmin and see what I get:

From Google:


And From Bing:


I am really digging this tool and I will be doing a bunch more tests. It will definitely come in handy when comparing these two search engines to have a different set of results every time. Feel free to surf on over do your own comparisons and let us know your findings in the comments!

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