Comodo Online Storage: Get Up To 10 GB Free Digital Storage Online

Having an online backup of your computer files is always a wise decision. Storing your files online gives you an external backup and makes your files accessible even if you are using somebody else’s computer. This convenience along with a large storage capacity and a neat user-interface is provided by a website called Comodo Online Storage.

image00   Comodo Online Storage: Get Up To 10 GB Free Digital Storage Online

Comodo Online Storage is a free to use web service that offers its users a large online file storage capacity and a neat interface. After you create an account on the site, you can begin uploading your files to your account. You can upload any type of file and have it organized into the folders you create. The files you upload on Comodo can also be shared; if you enable sharing for a file, a public URL is generated for it and provided to you; you can unshared the file any time.

You can keep uploading files till your overall file storage reaches 5 GB. This limit can be raised up till 10 GB if you keep referring new users to Comodo – you get 200 MB of storage capacity for each new user you refer. For users with a demand for even higher storage capacity, the site offers premium packages.


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Good review – there are a few recent changes though:
You get 6GBof space with the FREE version, but now there is no restriction to
the number of computers you can sync/backup (from 2). It gives you the ability to upload and sync any folder on your computer. On the Free version the upload/download is faster than when reviewed
if you use the below referral code you get 500MB extra on top of the
Free 6GB or 16GB extra on any of the paid-for services!

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Its nice but i do prefer dropbox when compared to comodo though