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Anybody who has used YouTube knows how useless the commenting section is. It takes time to load up and people have used profane language there which is unsuitable for young (or even mature) internet users. To disable the comments on YouTube and many other websites, we can use the No Comments extension for Google Chrome.

disable comments on youtube

No Comments is a browser extension for Chrome that supports hiding comments on various websites. The list of supported sites can be seen on the extension’s download page. The extension’s icon in the address bar tells us if the comments are on or off.

So if you have any children using the computer and you don’t want them to read profanity in comments or you simply want pages to load up faster, use No Comments on your Chrome browser and achieve the results you seek.

disable comments on youtube

Main features:

  • Mute the web.
  • Turn on comments easily whenever needed.
  • Helps ensure children do not read profanity online.
  • Increases page loading times.
  • No more scroll down lag.
  • Similar tools: Better Comment Tracking tools.

Get No Comments @ No Comments for Chrome

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