ComicMaster: Create a Graphic Novel Online & Print

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Today graphic novels are more popular than ever. Mixing great dialogue and plot with brilliant drawing and visuals keeps the reader engaged and entertained. If you are an aspiring graphic novelist, one tool you might find helpful is Comic Master.

create graphic novel online

Comic Master is a free to use website that lets you create your graphic novel online. You start by selecting a layout scheme for your novel; you can decide one from the available schemes or define one of your own. Next you add images from your computer to each available box on the page. You can magnify and shrink the image or stretch it to fit the box. New pages can also be added.

cool graphic novels

Using these simple tools your graphic novel can be created. You can save your progress as you work and print out the novel when you are done.


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larry hullman

cooooolllllllll website dude


jessica garcia

Wow now that i tried it….IT’S AWESOME thanks to whoever made this website


Larry hullman

nice man im serious i like the website

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