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Web designers are always on the lookout for new colors that they can use in their projects. While many online tools exist to help you discover new colors, they often do not let you compare the new colors with ones you are already using in your designs. Here to change that is a web tool called ColorSpire.

discover new colors

ColorSpire is a free and simple to use web service that helps you discover new colors and then check how it looks with your project’s current color schemes. Creating new colors can be done using the color selectors and the options to brighten, darken, saturate, desaturate, and randomize your colors. Alternatively you can enter the RGB and HEX codes for colors. You can select multiple colors and have them appear next to one another to compare them. By selecting one new color and the rest of the colors as your project’s current color scheme, you can perform a quick comparison.

The comparison window displays the selected colors on top with their HEX codes. To use a color, simply note its HEX code.



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