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All music fans want to find new and unique music that falls under their favorite genres. While there are a lot of websites that let you do this by comparing the sounds of bands and checking user opinions for similarities between music, one parameter that is almost universally ignored is the album art.

Album art is important for the music artist as well as the music fans hence it seems strange that most websites do not catalogue the art and let you search new music based on that. Fortunately there is a site called ColorHits that offers you the feature of finding new music based on album art colors.


ColorHits is a free to use website that helps people find new music based on album art colors. You need not register for any accounts on the site to get started: simply select the colors you want to look for. You can pick a maximum of three different colors to search for. You also specify the genre of music to look into. Corresponding album art will then be displayed to you.


You can click on an art thumbnail and you will be taken to the album’s ColorHits page. This page lets you preview the tracks on that particular album. You are also provided with purchasing links for that album on iTunes and Amazon.


To share the album you can use the provided Facebook Share, Tweet, and Pin It buttons.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps you find music albums through album art covers.
  • Can search for up to 3 colors in album art.
  • Shows purchasing links for album in iTunes and Amazon.

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