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Identifying colors is a basic human task that we have relied on for so long to survive. But apparently, ColorGrab is an Android app that tells us that smartphones can now detect colors better than us. This simple color picker provides us with the accurate RGB values of colors within an area of the camera.

identify color android

Using Color Grab is pretty straightforward and easy. Once you open the app you just have to focus your camera on the objects to know their color. The app detects the color of the object within the central point of the camera in real time, allowing you to pan your camera and see the differing RGB values as you move your device. You can then click the camera icon to save the detected color.

Color Grab can recognize up to 1,300 RGB values from 16 basic color categories. The app’s power to detect the accurate colors do depend on your phone’s camera quality, and whether flash is turned on or off, but the app also assists you with features like Smart Color Stabilizer for selecting an area for color picking, and Smart Auto Focus for close objects. You can also review the color captured on your camera within the palette tab.

Color Grab is a free app on the Google Play store. This is especially useful for designers or photographers who want to know the range of colors in the image.



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