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Organizing your classes online is harder than it sounds. You have tools like email, Skype and message boards, but they do not provide a decent enough experience to extend your classroom discussions online. Fortunately, CollaborizeClassroom is an intuitive online tool that allows educators to start well organized discussions with flexible options and social media integration.


This tool allows you to set up online classrooms where you can run them by creating categories. Each category should match a specific topic that you want your class to discuss. You can also edit notifications and summaries so that students can be updated when new content comes up. Discussions are further customized into Yes/No questions, multiple choice, vote or suggest, and forums.

To know how active each student is, you can run a site activity and participation report. This section provides the quantity of posts, comments, and votes each member has. It also tracks how many logins are made by each user. Students can customize their profile, send private messages, and view their own topics and activity.


All of these cool features brought together provide a nice extension for traditional classrooms. Collaborize Classroom is a great app for anyone looking to keep in touch with their students and lead insightful discussions online.


  • Collaborative online classroom.
  • Add discussions: Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Vote/Suggest, and Forums.
  • Set notification and permissions.
  • View online activity of each user.
  • Each user sees their topics and activity.

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  1. Shana Ray
    February 4, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Thanks for posting about Collaborize Classroom! We are excited to connect with others that share the same passion for getting technology into the classroom!