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If you have a great idea, but only part of the skills required to make it happen, you could be stuck. Finding someone with the skill needed to help you make your idea into a reality can be a challenge. CollabFinder is designed to help you get together with others looking to start a project and offer skills that complement yours. For example, if you are a writer looking for a programmer to help you make the next great video game, CollabFinder could help.


You will need a Facebook account to register with CollabFinder. It uses your Facebook details to fill in your profile with job experiences and so on. You choose what you do when you make the account, and then you can pitch your ideas to others and have ideas pitched to you by others. This website makes it easy to find skilled people who are dreaming just as big as you.

They do not allow head hunters and corporate types on the site, so everyone you find will be real, independent people, just like you. The community is growing fast, and more and more skilled workers are joining the site everyday. It is worth checking out if you need some skilled people to help you.


  • Find people collaborate with you on a project.
  • Search by tags to find people who have the skills you need.
  • Easy account creation with Facebook.
  • You can pitch and ideas and have ideas pitched to you.
  • Only real workers on the site, no headhunters.

Find CollabFinder @

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