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Sending documents back and forth through email is both time-consuming and inefficient. CollabEdit is a simple tool that lets you create text documents with real-time collaboration. Once you start a new document, simply send the URL to other participants and they will be able to work on it simultaneously.

You can either work on a plain text document or choose a specific format such as HTML, Java, SQL, etc. The names of all the collaborators are shown on the right hand side along with an option to chat with each other. Once you are done, simply click the download button to save the document to your computer.

CollabEdit: Text Editor With Real Time Collaboration collab


  • Collaborate on text documents in real time.
  • Choose from multiple formats or create a plain text document.
  • Chat with other participants.
  • Dead simple interface.
  • Show or hide chat as needed.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tool: AmyEditor

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