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Portable applications are programs that you can carry on a removable drive and run them from any computer. They are handy in situations when some of the apps you use are not available on the host computer and you don’t have time to download and install the required application from scratch. In this case you simply run your own portable app file from your removable drive to open the required file.

Now, thanks to a handy tool, Coffee, you can instruct the system to run certain files using your portable apps instead of the default associated programs for those file extensions. To see how it works, download and install Coffee on a computer.

To add an association, double click to open a file. If the file is not associated with any program, you can point it to your portable app location and it will be associated with and open with the app from then on.


If the file is already associated with the default program installed on the host computer, then you can associate the extension with an alternative portable application from the settings (Right click -> Preferences -> Extension configuration).  Simply add the file extension starting with a dot (.docx, .jpeg etc) and point to your portable app from the “Alternative Applicaton” field. Next time when you decide to open the file with your portable app, press the Alt button before double clicking on the file.


Coffee doesn’t make any changes to the registry and if you disable it, the files will open normally with their default associated programs.


  • Associate file extensions with alternative apps on a removable drive.
  • Open a file with an alternative app by pressing Alt button before opening file.
  • Doesn’t make changes to the registry.
  • Free to use.

Check out Coffee @ (via Addictivetips)

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