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If you are a developer or somebody who teaches computer science, then there might have been occasions where you felt the need to compare the code contained in two files. Here to help with this task is a tool called Code Compare.

compare programming code

Code Compare is a desktop application for developers using Windows computers. The function of the application is to help developers compare the programming code of two different files in various languages. The different kinds of file types and languages that you can compare through this app include C#, VB, C++, Web, XML, XAML, JavaScript, SQL, and more.

The application comes in a setup file sized at nearly 10 MB. This tool comes in a free version as well as a PRO (paid) version. When you first download the free version, it comes equipped with the PRO version’s 30 day trial. After the trial period, you can either purchase the PRO version or keep using the application’s free features.

Code Compare: Compare The Programming Code Contained In Two Different Files Space

When you install the application, you can open up two files within it. The text (code) contained in these files is shown on each panel in the app and relevant text is highlighted. You can access the application’s menus to have similar lines detected. You can select exactly how ‘similarity’ is judged; here you have the option to select a line by line comparison, symbol by symbol comparison, or simply a word by word comparison.



  • A user friendly desktop application.
  • Compatible with Windows computers.
  • Lets you compare two codes for similarities.
  • Supports various comparison methods.
  • Supports various programming languages.

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