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Code Cogs Online Equation Editor is great for parents of home-schooled children who need to set up problems for their kids to solve. Using this handy editor you can create mathematical equations of all kinds with little or no coding skill required. Most of the equations are created by simply clicking on an image and filling in the numerals needed.

create latex equation

Once you have an equation created you can quickly adjust the size of the output and then save it as an image file to your computer for later use. It is a painless process for parents who need to set this sort of thing up for their kids, or anyone who wants to make some cool equations for any reason at all.


You can save certain base equations as favorites for later access. So if, for example, you were focused on Matrices, you could have them in your favorites for quicker access. Similarly, you can use the history feature to get access to the equations you have recently used.


  • Use Latex to make equations and save them as images for later.
  • Easy enough to use with little or no coding skill.
  • Save favorites for quicker access later.
  • Export to many popular image formats.
  • Adjust size and font of output.
  • Similar tools: Daum Equation Editor, Fooplot and Text2img.

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