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clutterme1We have previously discussed browser start pages How To Build your Custom Browser Start Page How To Build your Custom Browser Start Page Read More and we have found that there are many options from which we can choose from. However ClutterMe is a start page which intends to stand out from the crowd.

I think ClutterMe is certainly one of the simplest yet very effective start pages available. Instead of just praising on it, I’ll immediately start with its features so that you can see what exactly I am talking about.

1. Write anywhere, everywhere

That’s right. ClutterMe allows you to just click and write anywhere on the page. Once you are finished writing, it will save it for you. Therefore you can take notes on your start page in the simplest possible manner.


2. Save Links Easily

It also allows you to copy-paste or type links easily on the page. It is wise enough to distinguish between normal text and links.



3. Add videos and pictures directly

This is a wonderful feature. You just need to copy-paste your favorite youtube video link and it will add the video directly. Similarly you can add picture files. It can’t get simpler then that.


4. Drag, drop and resize stuff easily

Yes, you can easily drag and drop stuff by clicking on the small icon which appears on each note at the top right. You can even resize videos and images easily and needless to say, you can customize the fonts in your notes too.

5. Custom Backgrounds

ClutterMe also offers a wide range of custom backgrounds for your homepage.


6. Get social by adding friends

This is a unique feature. You can register with ClutterMe, create an account and then add friends. You can share stuff and browse through your friends’ homepages. You can even write on your friends’ homepages in exactly the same manner like you edit your own page. Cool, isn’t it?

7. Doesn’t rely on Cookies

They don’t mention this, but I have found that when I go to and make changes (without signing in ), the new page appears as it is in different browsers. This means that it doesn’t rely on browser cookies like most of the other start pages.

Overall, I found ClutterMe to be simple, productive and useful. Hope you like it too.

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