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If you are a site owner wanting to gain a loyal viewership, you will need to find out what catches people’s attention. Heatmaps are one way of checking visitors’ activity but they do not reveal what visitors remember after they view your website. A solution to this is presented by ClueApp.

what catches people's attention

ClueApp is a simple web tool that helps you determine what visitors remember about your website. The functionality is quite simple. You paste your website’s URL into ClueApp’s interface. The site then takes a screenshot of your website and hosts it on a web URL that is valid for 24 hours. You can then share this URL with others and request them to take the ClueApp test.

The test includes showing people your site’s screenshot for a while; then the URL visitor is asked which 5 things he/she remembers viewing on your site. The results are then shown alongside a screenshot of your site.

what catches people's attention


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