CloudShot: A Useful Screenshot Utility That Integrates With Dropbox

If you happen to take screenshots regularly, then you must know how troublesome it is for a person to take a screenshot and then upload it.

CloudShot Settings   CloudShot: A Useful Screenshot Utility That Integrates With Dropbox

CloudShot reduces the total time dramatically. Not only does it allow a person to take a screenshot, but it also integrates with Dropbox automatically uploading the screenshot to your Dropbox account. You can later access the screenshot from any computer you use.

The program also has many interesting features that make sure the program does not lack any useful feature found in other screenshot taking utilities. For example, with CloudShot, you can either take a screenshot of the whole window, a screen region, or of menu and tooltips.

Using the tool is very easy. All you need to do is download the application and follow the on-screen installation instructions. Once installed, you can modify the settings according to your needs and start taking screenshots.


  • Integrate with Dropbox.
  • Free and easy to use tool.
  • Different types of capturing methods (full-screen, screen region, etc).
  • History of recent shots.

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