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If you’re as careless with your data and important files as I am, you’ll be really glad a service such as CloudSafe exists.

CloudSafe is a service that provides you with an online storage safe  that keeps your important data safely and securely and lets you access it using a web browser from almost anywhere, anytime you need to.

Not only can you access your data from anywhere, you can also, selectively, grant access and share your files over the Internet with your friends. No hassles of having to configure GPG keys or incompatible web sharing software. You get 1 GB of space for free, for life and can always buy more if you have the need.

online storage safe


  • Provides cloud based storage safe for your data.
  • Free access to 1 GB of storage and 3 online safes for life.
  • Can be used from anywhere there is an internet connection available.
  • No need to use any special software to access your files.
  • Access permissions can be controlled on a per file basis.
  • Can also be used as a collaboration platform for editing documents etc.
  • All data is kept encrypted using the highest grade of encryption.
  • All data is stored at multiple data centers so as to make sure your data is safe even in case of an unforeseen disaster.
  • Similar sites: FinalFolder, Omnidrive, PandaFile.

Check out Cloudsafe @

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  1. Wpshore
    October 29, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Since the site refuses to list prices, even free is too much. Probably great if the 1GB's enough though..