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Users have turned to Google Drive or Dropbox to back up files from local storage to the cloud. However, we do not consider sending our files from the cloud back to our local drives. The whole of the Internet may consider losing their Google Data as a remote catastrophe, but in the event that happens, we all need a backup solution.

backup google account

CloudPull is an app available in the Mac App Store that lets users back up data from your Google account to your Mac. Be it Google Drive, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, or Gmail. Like Time Machine, it automatically performs backups every hour, and keeps snapshots of your data for up to 90 days. The free edition of CloudPull lets you download all your files from a single Google account. After the short setup, it can perform backups as it runs on the background.

CloudPull makes sure that your data does not go useless when backed up by saving them in standard file formats. This ensures that your Gmail messages can be imported into OS X’s mail app, contacts imported to the Contacts app, and Google Calendar entries imported in the calendar app. Google Docs files can also be opened with Microsoft Office. Other data you can back up include Google Reader subscriptions, Gmail labels and more.


Like Time Machine, CloudPull lets you restore your backed up data to your Finder, making it easily searchable with Spotlight. This allows you to search for backed-up files locally, handy if you need to quickly work on files without having to log in to your Google account.


CloudPull is a big help for people who chiefly rely on Google services to work. With CloudPull, everything that is in the cloud also with you.


  • Backup everything from your Google accounts.
  • A “Time Machine” for your Google data.
  • Browse backups and get old snapshots to restore.
  • Preview items using Quick Look.
  • Downloaded files can be exported to other apps.
  • Gmail files can be exported to Apple Mail.
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