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If you frequently use Gmail’s built-in search function to search through your emails and contacts then you’ll love CloudMagic. It is a browser extension for Gmail that provides a significantly faster email search for your Gmail data.

Currently available for Firefox and Chrome, once installed, this add-on creates a search tab at the top right of your Gmail interface. As you type queries into that search box, results start appearing in real-time just below the tab.

The app can be used in multiple Gmail accounts as well as in Google Apps.

email search gmail

When you click on a result, it pops up the email right beside that result in a new vertical column. You can quickly copy data from old emails while composing a new one.


The good thing about this tool is that it stores all the data it indexes, like your Gmail login and password, text emails, contacts etc, locally on your computer. So you don’t need to worry about the privacy thing.


  • Browser add-on for making Gmail search faster.
  • Available for Firefox and Chrome.
  • All data stored locally.
  • Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl-/ to access the new search bar.
  • Google Docs search coming soon.

Check out CloudMagic @

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