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If you are running a website that deals with images, then you must have coded up a competent image management and manipulation system. But adding manipulation effects such as cropping, sepia, resizing, and format conversion is not an easy job. Imagine having an API that lets you automatically fetch images from a defined source in the format you describe. It would definitely make things easier and quicker.

Here to offer you that convenience is a web service called Cloudinary.

manipulate images online

Cloudinary is a web service that offers its users advanced image management and manipulation features through the use of its API. The web interface of the service lets users upload offline or online images and then add them to the library of images which are stored in Amazon S3 buckets owned by Cloudinary. You can add a public ID and tags with all your uploaded images which makes them easier to locate from your image library.


Cloudinary lets you perform transformations on your images. Manipulations such as cropping, cropping type, size setting, gravity, image format, and percentage of quality can all be set. You can create new types of transformations and save them individually.

With your transformations already saved, all you have to do is select a particular transformation to be executed on an image and you quickly get the processed image within your browser. The transformations can also be executed by following the app’s image URL manipulation formula; this will be highly convenient for people who can memorize the URL changes for each type of manipulation.

The API can be used to automate these transformations for site purposes such as automatically fetching a user’s Facebook profile picture and manipulating it to fit the user’s profile picture on your own website.

Cloudinary’s free plan offers 500 MB of image storage and 1 GB monthly bandwidth. To remove these limits you can opt for the app’s premium plans which begin from $39 per month.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Offers a convenient image management and manipulation system.
  • Lets you create and save different types of image transformations.
  • Offers social network integration.

Check out Cloudinary @ 

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  1. Theresa
    August 3, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    Looking forward to trying it out.