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Webmasters face a lot of worries when it comes to traffic. Good and bad traffic can often not be distinguished and because of heavy loads the site’s loading speed is slowed down – something unappreciated by site visitors and search engines. A wonderfully innovative solution to this site loading speed situation is offered by Cloudflare.

speed up website loading time

Cloudflare is a web service that speeds up your website’s loading time. It does so by taking over your site’s DNS servers, in a way “spreading your site across the web”, and then directing your traffic through various routes. Good and bad traffic is automatically detected; good traffic is directed through the fastest route while the bad traffic is kept away.

The service is very easy to set up; you do not change your host or even your site’s code; and a website with its own domain can be set up in about 5 minutes or less. In this simple way your site’s loading speed is increased without any additional software or hardware.

speed up your website



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