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If you are looking for another quick way to offload and back up photos on your Android, Amazon recently released an update to its Cloud Drive Photos app (released last November), which automatically saves photos on your phone to the Cloud, and in turn makes them available for viewing and download on supporting Android devices.

The update is similar to the automatic upload functionality found in Google’s Google+ and Dropbox apps. When users enable the feature, Amazon’s Cloud Drive will automatically upload copies of photos on your Android phone to your Amazon storage account. The uploading can take place in the background as you perform other tasks. You can also elect to press and hold on any individual photo and have it sent to your account as well.

Amazon provides 5 GB of free Cloud Drive storage to its customers. You can browse all photos stored in the Drive on any supporting Android device, the latest generation Kindle Fire tablets, or through a web browser. Amazon also provides a desktop version of Cloud Drive for both Windows and Mac, both of which enabled you to upload and download photos from and to your computer.

The Cloud Drive Photos app is available for free download on the Amazon Appstore, (here are the instructions for installing it) or via Google Play. It runs only on Android phones running OS 4.0 or higher. The app also includes a built-in camera, with supporting flash, scene modes, exposure corrections and enhancements, and other features found in the default Android Camera app.

Source: Amazon via TechCrunch


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