ClockLink: Cool Flash Clocks for Your Website

ClockLink offers a huge selection of online flash clocks that can be easily added to almost any webpage. Just find the clock you want, set timezone and location settings, and copy ‘n paste generated HTML code on your webpage.

   ClockLink: Cool Flash Clocks for Your Website


  • Add ClockLink clocks to your blog, website or social networking profile (Myspace, Bebo, Xanga, etc.).
  • Browse clock gallery by popularity or category (Newest, Analog, Animal, Animation, Count Down/Up timers, Dark Backgrounds, Digital, Holidays, Logo & Custom, Seasons, Sports, Transparent, Wallpaper).
  • Download and add clocks to your desktop wallpaper.
  • Note: Please note, Clocklink doesn’t not work with some of the online blog providers. Read more here.

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great clocks that website has, i love it.

i must also say that i used to go to a website at which has very cool free flash clocks, but now i will also visit clocklink too.


Another one, easier to set up :


thanks for all

Flash Clocks

I like their flash clocks, specially the world flash clock which it has all the continents and different maps, including all the time zones, i have been trying to create one myself on my free time, trust it when i say it is a very hard job to create a flash clock like that.