Cloakmy: Send Self Destructing Messages

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Email is great, but what if you need to send a secure message that only the intended recipient will be able to read? Email is a fairly insecure way of sending a message – it sits in both inboxes and send mail folders until the sender or receiver decide to delete it. Cloakmy is different in that it allows you to send messages to email addresses, with an added layer of security.

send self destructing message

Whatever choice to send the message is not relayed within the email. Instead the recipient gets a link to the Cloakmy service where they can view the message (which can be password protected, too). The sender can choose auto self-destruct, which destroys the message after it has been read, timed-deletion and no deletion at all.


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Hi how do u get these messages?


Tim Brookes

It goes roughly like this:

You enter your message on the server, which is stored only on the server, and provide the recipient’s email address. The recipient then gets an email telling them there is a message waiting for them, and they click the link in the email. The message is then displayed on the server (not in the email) in-browser, before being destroyed either automatically, once read or not at all.

It’s not infallible (screenshots, save HTML) but unlike email it won’t be saved forever (well, if you use Gmail anyway).

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