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Clipular is a Chrome extension designed for taking and saving screenshots of in-browser images and websites. These screenshots can be saved for archival use and also shared with friends or colleagues. The app is also perfect for researching purposes. Instead of bookmarking articles and cluttering Chrome’s folders (or bookmark bar), you can simply save only important information on a single page.

The extension is easily accessible using four different methods – a button near the address bar, a right-click contextual menu, a key combination (Alt-C), or a full-screen capture function. Usability is natural and fluid, and images are automatically saved to an in-browser board, similar to Pinterest. You’ll note that speed is the best trait of this app because of this functionality. However, if you would like to look at an image before it is saved, all it takes is the simple press of a key.

screenshots on the web

What makes this app different from other practical solutions is its Search function. Not only are these screenshots just saved, but all in-image text is totally and completely searchable. This means one can use Clipular to capture important emails, blog articles, or social media posts and store them all in one place.

Clipular also brings in a social sharing element to its repertoire of uses. All screen-caps are shareable via Facebook, and the image editor (Magic Wand) offers options comparable to Instagram. Furthermore, when viewing images on the board, they can be saved to your desktop like any other online picture.




  • Fluid website screen-capture functionality.
  • Archival image text searches.
  • Automatic relevant image titles.
  • Easy image sharing options.
  • Creative image editing capability.

Find Clipular on the Chrome Webstore

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  1. Ryan Keeney
    April 26, 2013 at 5:41 am

    Is this app viewable on Iphone/IPad?