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Clipmarks is a fun social-news recommendation network that lets you (1) discover lots of interesting stuff favorited by thousands of other web users AND (2) save and share anything you find interesting while browsing web. It allows users to save webpages, partial text blocks, images, videos, and even bites from several webpages in one note (aka clip). For instance, you can create a clip with your favorite jokes, or a clip featuring your favorite cars, etc.

social news recommendation

The best part of it is that Clipmarks lets other users (and they have many of them) vote and comment on user saved clips. Popular and highest voted clips are featured on the website’s home page creating in itself a good destination for daily read.


  • Save/share favorite parts from any webpage
  • Browse popular clips for Now/ Today/ This Week/ This Month
  • To start clipping you need to install Clipmarks browser addon (Firefox, IE)

Visit Clipmarks

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