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There are a million ways to upload pictures to the Internet. You can use Imgur, Photobucket and so many more. The issue is not where you store your pictures, because they all do essentially the same thing. The issue is how easy it is to take your image and upload. Clipica aims to make it easier to share images because it allows you to simply copy and paste an image into the box, and it handles the rest.

paste images straight to the web

To use Clipica, you simply need to copy an image from anywhere, go to their website and click “CTRL+V” to paste it into their upload box. It will then take the image and upload it for you. They use Imageshack to host the images, so you are getting your image stored on a trusted place. They also provide you with a handy short link, so you can easily share your images on Twitter.

Once your image is done uploading, they also give you some options for re-sizing it, to make it fit your needs. You can choose small, medium, large or custom. You can also click on original, to make it the same size it was when you uploaded it. Currently, Clipica only supports Google Chrome.


  • Easily upload images using copy and paste.
  • Images uploaded to Imageshack.
  • Re-size images for them to fit your needs.
  • Provides a handy short-link so you can share your image on Twitter.

Find Clipica @

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  1. Logan
    April 5, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Thanks for posting! Just wanted to let you know Clipica now also works in Firefox!