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Here on MakeUseOf, we’re quite used to taking screenshots The Ultimate Guide on How to Take a Screenshot The Ultimate Guide on How to Take a Screenshot Most people would think taking a screenshot was a simple and straightforward process, and that it would be much the same on every platform they encounter. Well, they'd be wrong. The process of taking screenshots... Read More on a near-constant basis, and we’re always looking for new tools to make the job a bit easier. Click is a tool that takes screenshots on your Mac in a variety of ways.

Right off the bat, it can take shots of multiple displays, and is even able to capture them while a DVD is playing – something that OSX doesn’t pull off very well. As a note, the developer recommends that you use VLC Player while the app is running. On the other hand, you can take manual screenshots using Command+Option.

take periodic screenshots

However, the genius of Click is its ability to periodically take screenshots. You can set it to take snapshots of whatever you are working on every few minutes or every few seconds. The choice is really up to you.

Whenever a screenshot is taken, the app will play a subtle shutter sound like a camera. While this sound can be easily turned off, it’s surprisingly not very disturbing. Unlike OSX’s standard screenshot function, the display won’t flash white and play loud, obnoxious shutter noise. The app is designed to work while you work.



Some of you may be curious why exactly you would want to make use of Click, and that’s rather understandable. After all, what’s the real reason for taking periodic screenshots? Wouldn’t it be better to just take them manually?

Well, if you are trying to capture shots of your workflow for whatever reason, then Click will do the job right. Furthermore, you’ll likely find the ability to capture screenshots while DVDs are playing to be rather useful.


  • Takes periodic screenshots.
  • Supports multiple displays.
  • Can capture manual screenshots.
  • Can take screenshots while a DVD is playing.

Install Click on your Mac now.

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