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Do you want to keep your browser lean and fast? Despite the speed advancements of Google Chrome, there are still users who want to maximize every bit of speed that they can get. OneClick Cleaner for Chrome is an extension that cleans up everything that can be deleted from your browser to make it all new again.

delete chrome data

Once installed, the extension gets rid of a variety of background data in one click. It goes beyond deleting your cache and history, as it also deletes stuff like your app cache, indexed database, web SQL data, local storage, and more.

After using the extension, I found it hard to notice the promised speed improvements, but that is because Google Chrome was speedy already. However, power users who have lots of extensions installed, or would like to keep Chrome as lightweight as possible may find more use from this.  Despite the minimal speed gains, it is also nice to have some spring-cleaning of your browser once in a while.


  • Once click cleaning of background files in Chrome.
  • Deletes cache, history, and downloads.
  • Deletes other background data like app cache, local storage, and more.
  • Takes ten seconds to clean everything.

Check out One Click Cleaner @


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  1. thu ya
    March 1, 2013 at 11:20 am

    What are file system,indexedDB,local storage,serverBoundCertificates ,webSQL ?
    Should I clean them?